Air Ambulance Services in Lucknow

Air Ambulance Services in Lucknow

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hi-Tech Air and Train Ambulance Services by Panchmukhi in Silliguri and Gorakhpur

Hello friends, I am Aishwarya Singh from Silliguri writing this blog to pull your attention towards the most important thing about which we don’t know anything and even we don’t even care about that but believe me have a knowledge of this will help you in protecting your and your loved one life. I am telling you about Air and Train Ambulance Services. 13876426_636951463124241_4130300159366265907_nhmj Panchmukhi is one of the best low-cost worldwide service providers for air and train ambulance. Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services provides rescue services to the emergency patients in the worst and challenging situations from remote and rural areas. They provide all basic and Hi tech medical services with care and safety efforts. They are always active at emergency services for 24*7 hrs, 365 days. They provide best qualified team of Doctor and well trained and experienced paramedical staffs that are capable to handle all situations easily and take care of the patient during transfer. They also provide hi-tech services like Ventilator, Suction Pump, and Oxygen Cylinder mini or Jumbo, Cardiac Machine, Nebulizer etc. Air ambulance services in Silliguri has very quick responsive team which provides best support, caring services and remains in touch with you during transfer. They provide bed to bed services and there technician during transfer of the patient from source to destination. They also provide Chopper and Chartered Aircraft Services for the patients during emergency services. Panchmukhi also provides best train and air ambulance services in Gorakhpur. It provides each and every facilities to the patients for the comfort and relaxation with all experience and medicinal facilities. If you want to know more about this then call on +91-9955990333 Thank You...

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Lucknow and Bagdogra

Hey friends I am Ranjay Sharma from Bagdogra and want to share with you about my personal experience regarding air and train ambulance services with Panchmukhi when I was in dilemma that what to do, how to do, and what is going to happen next because at that my father is totally fainted and fall down from stairs and he starts bleeding, we manage to take him to the nearest hospital but in my village there hospital condition was so poor that you can’t even stay for a second over there, basic treatment was provided by the hospital but due to lack of facilities, medical equipments they suggest me took my father from here to best hospital where my father get the best treatment and at that time my neighbor uncle Mr. Ramanand Singh told me about the Company Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd. I visited there website of air ambulance services in bagdogra for inquiry and then I got there contact number +91-9955990333 and contacted them.
Panchmukhi air and train ambulance services has a best service for air and train ambulance all this I am saying because after a contacted them and confirm them for my father to transfer to Lucknow because my that is my ancestral place they reacted so quickly even within an hour there medical team reached to the hospital checked the report and condition provide necessary treatment and mean while they confirmed the ticket and then again visited by their senior Doctor and next day they took my father for transfer by the air ambulance to Lucknow and in between that time there representative is continuously stayed in touch with me for my father’s health and condition and during transfer they provide all hi-tech and basic medication facilities including Ventilation, Oxygen Cylinder, Suction Machine, etc. and their care was much appreciable and I reached there they took my father to the best hospital and during transfer they suggest me about best hospitals and Doctors and medicines. They provide full bed to bed services without any extra charges and they have transparent services. They told me that we also provide air ambulance services in Lucknow also and not even in Lucknow they provide air and train ambulance services in India’s all small and major cities and abroad too.
I am thankful to uncle who suggested me about Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services and to Panchmukhi for providing us such a great and caring service and hope for their best so that they continue preventing life of the emergency people.