Air Ambulance Services in Lucknow

Air Ambulance Services in Lucknow

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Intensive Care for Patients by Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services Bagdogra-Lucknow

Hello friends, I am Anjay Singh from Lucknow here to share my personal experience regarding air and train ambulance services. Air ambulance services play a vital role in saving a life of the emergency patients especially when you are far away from your home and you know nobody or suddenly met with an accident and you need immediate treatment. All these are a very necessary thing in our fast running life.
I am sharing an incident from you all when I was in Bagdogra with my friends for a competitive examination and we reached two days before the examination for roaming and hang out with the friends to that place. On the day of an examination when we all are moving towards our exam destination, we get a call from someone that one of our friends was met with an accident and he was seriously injured and the public has taken him to the nearest hospital. We all friends contacted with each other and we rush towards the hospital for our friend. When we reach there we came to know that he is on ventilator and Doctor is not telling anything about his situation, we informed his family about the incident. After an hour a Doctor came there and asked for us in the reception and told us that I am from Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services and my friend’s father has contacted his company and hires his company for transfer of my friend from that hospital to Lucknow by air ambulance services in Bagdogra. Doctor consulted to the concerned Doctor who was handling his case and told us to make his discharge paper ready in the morning because he was shifting my friend with the morning flight and during the night he remains in touch with us. Early morning he is there with his an ambulance which is full of hi-tech and advanced medicinal equipment such as Oxygen Cylinder mini/ jumbo, Ventilator Machine, Nebulizer Machine, ICU, Ccu, setup with the paramedical team with him for patients care and comfort. They provide extra sensitive care to the patients so that he was going to feel any pain. They took him from hospital to airport and board him in the plane. I am also moving with him inside the air ambulance. I asked him in which one of the cities you are providing these services. They told me they are always available and active for 24/7 hrs and 365 days for emergency services. I again asked them are you serving your air ambulance services in Lucknow then they replied that they provide their air and train ambulance services in all small and major cities in India and abroad too. When they landed at the Lucknow airport there ambulance was available there to receive us from the airport and took us to the hospital where my friend’s father has already informed him to admit. They provide the full bed to bed service to my friend.
They provide me their number and told me to call or provide this number to the emergency people so that they are able to help and save the life of the people. Their number is +91-9955990333. I am grateful and thankful to them for providing such a beautiful and relaxed service during an emergency time and saving my friend’s life.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Emergency Patients Transfer Services by Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Gorakhpur-Bhopal

Hello friends, I am Aniruddh Sharma from Gorakhpur here on this blog to explain you about the importance of air and train ambulance services in our life which is full of harsh and difficulties. As we know that an average class family people are scared on the name of air and train ambulance services because they have a lack of correct knowledge and have perceptions that these services are not affordable by them and has a huge cost for their services. All these are not true. Today I am going to introduce you a best, fast and very low-cost air and train ambulance services provider who has very least cost for the air and train ambulance which is easily affordable by the average family people also. The Company which provides this service is Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd.


Panchmukhi air and train ambulance services are providing low-cost, active, finest and very quick services to the emergency patients for their transfer. Panchmukhi air and train ambulance services provide the bed to bed services to the patients from the source city to the destination city. Their train and air ambulance services in Gorakhpur are always available and active for 24*7 hrs and 365 days services even on holidays for the emergency patients transfer. They provide hi-tech medical services with Oxygen Cylinder, Ventilator, Nebulizer machine, ICU, Ccu, C-Circuit, Infusion Pump, etc, Full setup for emergency patients. They provide the services for
Air Ambulance Services
Train Ambulance Services
Home Nursing Services
Their air ambulance services in Bhopal also provide rescue services for the emergency patients from the remote and rural areas with their medical team. They provide a medical team with a Doctor and paramedical staff with male/ female facilities as demand and need of the patients. They provide chartered air ambulance and chopper ambulance services for the emergency patients services to transfer from the one city to another. You also inquiry on @ +91-995599033